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Veterans Day is coming up on Thursday. Do you recognize it with your kids? How do you teach your kids about veterans and all the work they do? My kids have a few veterans in their lives, so it makes it a bit easier to talk about. But some kids might have never met anyone who works in the military.

But what are some good ways to open the door to kids?

Kids thank a veteran

This website is a place where children can register that they’ve thanked a veteran in person! All it takes is simply walking up to a veteran and saying “thank you for your service.” Then come to this website and record it!

This website also has links to many helpful pages: books to read to your kids, locations of memorials and cemeteries, songs, photos, famous veterans and more.

Soldiers angels: 

Soldiers Angels is an organization that helps provide aid and comfort to those in the military: individuals who are deployed, injured, veterans and families.

You can donate on their website, volunteer to help, or even register for help if you are in the military.

Veterans books for children:

Below is a list of books for children that talk about the different jobs available to men and women in the army. Some books also talk about the sacrifice that is made to serve – by veteran and family. There are also books that talk about the history of Veteran’s Day.

This story is part of The Mini Military series where they focus on teaching kids about the different branches of military life. They talk about clothing, vehicles and the different work each branch focuses on.

This story talks about the symbols and items most associated with Veterans Day and how they came to be.

H is for Honor focuses it’s pages on the sacrifices of a military family.

This book helps foster a sense of appreciation and mindfulness for the heroes serving from our communities and the surrounding country. It helps children learn that veterans could be living and working anywhere in their community.

These two books focus on parents working as military heroes. The pages compare moms and dads in the military to superheroes and explain their jobs in the military.

This story tells about a boy whose father is deployed overseas. To help make the separation and distance easier on his son, he convinces the North Star to play an ongoing game of catch with his son while he’s gone.


Regardless of how you celebrate, honor or observe the upcoming holiday, we hope this can help you find ways to introduce the life and sacrifice of veterans to your children.

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