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Let me tell you about our visit to LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester New York.  My daughters and I used our tickets we won from! Thank you for this fun opportunity.  We had such a great time. The girls are already talking about going back again in the spring.

The place was very easy to get to, right off of the Saw Mill Turnpike.  It’s conveniently located in a mall setting, with a parking garage right next to the entrance.  When we entered the Discovery Center, we got in a short line to grab our tickets.  Once we got up to the counter, I explained who I was, and that I won the tickets from you. The very friendly girl at the counter looked through the reserved tickets, but couldn’t find ours.  She needed to call her manager, but assured me that he would be right there.  He came very quickly, and I explained the situation to him, and handed him a copy of the last email you sent me, and he apologized for not having the tickets ready. He then handed me tickets from his pocket and showed us the entrance! Very polite and east to talk with! Once inside, there was an opportunity to have our pictures taken by a “green screen” but my girls passed on that as they were eager to get inside and see what the place had to offer.  The first section we went into was the factory where you could learn about how legos are made.  We found this section kind of boring.  I only realized that it was the “factory” after I looked at the map.  Around the corner was the first ride- Kingdom Quest.  There was a very short line and we only had to wait about 2 minutes before we were able to get on the ride. This ride took us through  the kingdom where there were bad guys that we needed to zap with our laser guns and try to save the princess.  We had lots of fun on this ride. (I scored more points than my kids did!!! So that’s a win for me!) The next section was the miniland.  This was a lego version of NYC. There were many of the popular NYC attractions, all made out of legos! We saw the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Yankee Stadium, Empire State Building, NY Stock exchange, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Grand Central Station and the Statue of Liberty.  There were several buildings there but I can’t remember them all!  This was my favorite section.  There were interactive parts where you could push buttons and have different things move, light up, and they even had a concert in the park in one section.  We then headed into the main room where my younger daughter loved to sit on the lego police car and have her picture taken. We took a quick break to find some pennies on the bottom of my purse so that the girls could make a souvenir pressed penny.The next section we ventured into was the Ninjago section.  There were some interactive games, but the girls skipped that section and instead enjoyed some time in the playground area.  I had to drag them out because I wanted to go see the 4D movie.  My older daughter wasn’t really interested in seeing the movie, but I made her come with me.  She actually enjoyed getting wet when it rained.  The movie was about 10-15 mins long. It was a bit hard to follow the story line, but it might be because I was so into the rain and bubbles that were happening around me!  After the movie, we ventured to the other ride- Merlin’s Apprentice.  This was not as fun as the other ride, but you needed to pedal to make your car go higher into the air.  I sat on this ride with my older daughter, and we laughed so hard because we just were not coordinated enough to get our car to rise as high as my 10 year old’s car!  After the ride, we needed to check out the bathroom.  The bathroom was even lego themed!!  Each stall had a different picture on the door of a lego adventure and the walls had lego paint.  When we finished with our business in the bathroom, we checked out the race track where you could build a vehicle, and then race it on a racetrack against others.  This section was a bit unorganized, legos on the floor, and not enough wheels for more than a few kids to build at a time. The girls decided that they didn’t need to race each other. ( I think they were just scared because my car would have probably won!)  There was a building class that they run throughout the day, but the next class wasn’t starting for a while, and my kids began to get hungry.  We checked out the cafe that was there, but decided to go eat at a nearby restaurant instead.  The cafe had drinks and a few sandwiches, but it didn’t thrill us.

Overall, we had a really fun time during our visit to LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester New York. We were there for about 2 1/2 hours.  The staff was friendly. There were a lot of people there today, but it wasn’t overly crowded.  There is a store attached to the discovery center where they sell many different LEGO kits.  My older daughter said that she had more fun than she expected she would!  My younger daughter has already told we that she expects me to take her back again!

Thank you for giving us a fun filled day!

Heidi Patterson ~ Avon, Connecticut

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