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The above is an exact Google Search I made this morning while trying to write our Labor Day post. I am a teacher. I taught this for YEARS! But somehow, Labor Day is one of those holidays that is slightly difficult to put into words.

Fortunately, the internet came to the rescue. (The Internet ALWAYS comes to the rescue).

Here’s a great explanation from Parents Together:

“Every year on the first Monday in September, we celebrate workers and honor those who fought for better pay and working conditions years ago in what was called the ‘Labor Movement.’ Things like the minimum wage (a rule that says you can’t pay workers less than a certain amount) and labor unions (groups of workers who fight together for rights) came out of a long struggle for workers’ rights back in the 1800s.

In fact, even some kids had to work back then. They sometimes had to work long hours in dangerous factories for very little pay. Now we have laws to protect kids and other workers from being treated badly. To celebrate American workers and the Labor Movement, President Grover Cleveland declared Labor Day a federal holiday in 1894.

You can celebrate Labor Day by saying ‘thank you’ to someone who works hard. Mail carriers, sanitation workers, and cashiers are just some of the folks we see every day who do their job to make our lives easier!”

If you want to dive deeper:

Neighbor Day on PBS Kids

Because there’s a Daniel Tiger Episode for literally every thing. Neighbor Day is where Daniel learns what it means to be a good neighbor- and that many neighbors make the world a wonderful place!

Labor Day- BrainPop

BrainPop is my go to for older kids- they have a great video, some fun games, and even lesson plans. 

Labor Day: PBS Learning Media Holiday Collection:

PBS Kids has a whole collection on holidays: check it out here! 

I’ll post more resources as I think of them, but in the meantime- I’m off to enjoy some Labor Day fun with my family!

(Header Photo Credit: Castle Hill Farm, Newtown CT. Our famers work incredibly hard!)

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