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Healthy Eating for Kids:  renowned pediatrician Dr. William Sears’ prestigious L.E.A.N. Start program

The program allows parents and caregivers to “experience” nutrition and play, tasting a lot of healthy food and learning interactive games appropriate for children. It also demonstrates simple strategies to implement; including effective methods for prevention and intervention in families where nutrition-related behaviors or childhood obesity are a concern.

L.E.A.N. Start workshops are a series of fun and interactive educational classes that give families with school-aged children the tools and information to create a foundation of healthy habits. You’ll learn how you can improve the mood, learning and behavior of children through proper nutrition, how to shop for quality, affordable foods, how to make nutrition at home easy and fun and ways to keep everyone physically active. LEAN stands for lifestyle, exercise, attitude and nutrition.

Kelly Fuerstenberg, of Meriden, had been looking for ways to improve the health and wellness of her family. She decided to become a coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute to help other families looking for ways to develop healthy habits in their children.

A rising concern in recent years has been the increase in obesity among children and adolescents. For children between the years of 2 and 5 and adolescents between 12 and 19, the rate of obesity has doubled since the 1970s. For children between the ages of 6 and 11, the rate has tripled. Almost one third of all children today are overweight or obese.

The L.E.A.N. Start Program was developed by Dr. Sears, known as “America’s Pediatrician,” and Sean Foy, M.A., a leading exercise physiologist and nutrition expert. While most nutrition education programs target children, the L.E.A.N. Start Program is one of the first to be uniquely designed for parents and caregivers.

LEAN Start is a 6-hour class that Fuerstenberg will teach during three 2-hour classes beginning March 5. Classes will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Meriden YMCA, 110 W. Main St., Meriden. A second set of classes will begin March 10. Classes are $50 and include a workbook and snacks at each class.

Fuerstenberg is also offering LEAN Essentials, a 2-hour class that is an abbreviated version of LEAN Start.  The first LEAN Essentials classes are scheduled for March 8 and March 14.

Classes can be scheduled anywhere in Connecticut!

Please contact Fuerstenberg at 203-886-8838 or [email protected] for information on classes or to register. 
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