About Us

As parents of active children, we can certainly relate to the volume of flyers stuffed into school backpacks, camp brochures mailed to the home, announcements published in local newspapers or word-of-mouth from a neighbor all promoting the latest kid’s activities.

Sound familiar? But who can keep it all organized?

Our idea was to provide parents with a central place where all children’s programs can be easily found – online – of course. We wanted to make life simpler for busy families by providing easy to find, timely information about kid’s activities and programs that is accessible at any time of day

With an online resource like Kidtivity.com, parents can learn about a variety of kid’s activities – no matter the town, dates and times, or price ranges – so comprehensive it gives parents real options.

Kidtivity.com was developed for us. It links parents and organizations more efficiently so that kids can do what they do. We want you to think of Kidtivity.com as your family planning tool. Welcome, we’re sure you’ll like what you find.

About Us Future Ideas?

As we grow, we’ll offer you more conveniences and services, including:

  • Discounts on regional entertainment often “pre sale”
  • Pre-registration opportunities from our program partners

Our Mission

Family Fun Things to do with Kids in CT
Family Fun Things to do with Kids in CT