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Update: WOW! Honestly, We Nutmeggers are the best. You took my slightly embarrassing habit and turned it into an honest to goodness challenge. There are well over 100 places on that map, and I’m looking forward to seeing it grow.

Over the coming days (and, let’s be real, weeks), I’ll sort the ice cream into categories and add favorite orders. We have a whole ICE CREAM TRAIL!

I’ll work on updating the bucket list to reflect all these places- in the meantime, work on making your own!

Also, I’m officially declaring CT the Ice Cream Capitol of the United States. We already have the best cheese and the best pizza in the US, but clearly we have the best ice cream too.

Do I have the power to make such a declaration? Who knows. But I’ve decided to do it anyway.

Seriously- is there anything better than ice cream on a hot day? My family and I have been working on putting together a Bucket List of ice cream stops around the state.

This all started when I realized that we’d eaten ice cream for lunch an embarrassing amount of times this summer.

It is most definitely an official challenge and not just an excuse to get ice cream on every adventure we go on.🤪

Want to play along? You can download your own copy of the list here. You can even design your own- I don’t mind!

If you complete the list, let me know! I’ll send you some sort of prize (it’ll probably be a certificate and some stickers. I do make an awesome certificate though. Ask my students.)

Alternatively, if there’s an amazing ice cream spot that’s missing, please let me know so I can test it out.

Photo Credit:Arethusa Farm 

Arethusa Farm, Litchfield (Bantam), New Haven, West Hartford

We love stopping by after a day at KidsPlay Museum in Torrington. Watch them make ice cream and then take it for a stroll. Across the street is a great coffee shop/lunch spot too!

Don’t forget to bring home the best cheese in the country too!

Photo Credit: Buttonwood Farms

Buttonwood Farms, Griswold

Go for the ice cream, stay for the sunflowers! They offer flavors like sunflower (Caramel base with honey, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds and sesame seeds), Jungle George (Made with real bananas, walnuts and chocolate chips) and Peanut Butter Oreo.

After eating your fill in ice cream, head to the field to cut your own sunflowers- all proceeds go to the Make a Wish Foundation!

fish fam farm

Photo Credit: Fish Farm

Fish Family Farm, Bolton:

One of our favorite farm to table spots- it’s so much fun to see the cows in the field and chickens in the coop before heading in for some ice cream! Everything is super fresh- and it’s easy to see why!

uconn dairy bar

Photo Credit: UCONN Dining

UConn Dairy Bar, Storrs:

This is a Connecticut institution and for good reason! Go for a walk around UConn’s Animal Barns, then head to the Dairy Bar to watch ice cream being made. Some of our favorite flavors include Husky Hero (Cherry Cotton Candy Swirl), Husky Tracks (Vanilla w/fudge swirl & peanut butter cups), and Banana Chocolate Chip.

kloter farms ice cream barn

Photo Credit: Kloter Farms

Kloter Farms Ice Cream Barn, Ellington:

I know, I know- ice cream at a furniture store?!?! But this is seriously some of the best ice cream, and they let you eat it on the most beautiful patio across from some incredible children’s play equipment. My personal favorite here is the Brownie Blast. I get it every time we go.

Pro Tip: Follow them on Facebook for Free Name Days- each day, they draw a name and if it’s yours, you get a free scoop!

blue chip

Blue Chip Creamery, Hartford

Up until recently, this Glastonbury-based brand was available via food truck and in a few select stores. Now, however, you can meet them in their very first storefront at the Science Center! Enjoy Chillwitches (like the Yard Goat- chocolate chip cookies and mint chocolate chip ice cream!), milkshakes, and cones on the gorgeous patio.

Image Credit: Grassroots

Grassroots Ice Cream, Granby & New Milford:

A proud New England stop, Grassroots boasts “wicked good ice cream-” and for good reason! They have all the classics, plus unique flavors like Blood Orange Chip and Rose Chocolate.



Gumdrops & Lollipops, Niantic:

This Old Fashioned Sweet Shop in downtown Niantic is a great stop on the way home from the Niantic Children’s Museum. It has some incredible flavors, like Pine Grove Peppermint Stick.

Photo Credit: Goody Bassette’s

Goody Bassett’s Ice Cream, Stratford: 

Pineapple Dole Whip is just one of many awesome flavors at this old fashioned ice cream stop in the center of Stratford. This is one of those fun old fashioned ice cream experiences that you absolutely cannot miss on any ice cream trail.

Buck's Soft Serve

Photo Credit: Buck’s Soft Serve

Buck’s Soft Serve, Woodstock:

This small farm in Woodstock boasts the Nor’easter soft serve Sundae, which comes in flavors like Strawberry Rhubarb, Cookie Monster, and Blueberry Crisp. The perfect treat for if the latest heatwave actually has you daydreaming of winter (Guilty!)

Jefferson Fry Co

Photo Credit: Jefferson Fry Co

Jefferson Fry Co- Cromwell, Canton, Vernon, & Storrs

In addition to an ice cream addiction, I also have a serious french fry addiction. I always go to Jefferson Fry for the Buffalo Chicken and Taco Fries, but I stay for their Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cookie Butter Milkshakes.

Poptart Ice Cream

Photo Credit: Sweet Claude’s

Sweet Claude’s, Cheshire:

For 30 years, Sweet Claude’s has been a Cheshire institution- and for good reason! Coffee expresso, Nutella Crunch, and Smurf (raspberry with marshmallow) are just a few of their delicious flavors.

Photo Credit: We-Lik-It

We-Li-Kit, Pomfret:

Another farm stop with super fresh ice cream, We-Li-Kit offers more delicious, unique flavors like “Jersey Jolt,” “Chipmunk Tracks,” – even “Roadkill.” In addition to the ice cream, it’s always fun to watch the animals. There’s just something extra fun about getting to have ice cream on a farm.

Photo Credit: Rich Farm

Rich Farm Ice Cream: Oxford, Bristol, Brookfield

Floats, house made waffle cones, and farm fresh ice cream make this a hit! Look out for their rotating specials, like Fluffernutter. Great spot to see some animals and super, super pretty at sunset.

lenny and joes carousel

Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale- Madison

The sundaes are good, but I’m usually partial to their Frenzys, which is a milkshake but so thick you need a spoon to eat it. What makes this place extra fun is the charity carousel. It’s $1.50 per ride, and all the funds go to a local cause. Plus, the kids had a blast!

Robbs Farm Ice Cream

Photo Credit: Robbs Farm

Robb’s Farm, Glastonbury

What I’ve learned from making this list is that our family has a thing for farms. But for good reason- it’s the freshest ice cream around! Robbs has ice cream pies, homemade ice cream and more. While they only scoop during the summer, they often sell pints year round. It’s also a blast to visit in the Fall.

Capital Ice Cream

Photo Credit: Capital Ice Cream

Capital Ice Cream, Hartford

Hartford’s Happy Place is so whimsical and fun that it brightens even the rainiest of days. They have tons of fun flavors, but I’m partial to their Signature Sundays, which include Cookie Monster, the super chocolaty “Force” Sunday, and their Yankees vs. Red Sox “Yankee Doodle Dandee.”

Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream, Mystic

Even Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez think this place is amazing. Located right off of the drawbridge, it has a great view of the river. It even boasts docks so that you can kayak or boat over for a scoop. And the flavors are FANTASTIC. Must stop on a daytrip to Mystic.

Main Street Creamery, Old Wethersfield

Downtown Old Wethersfield is adorable, and this ice cream shop is no exception. Their Brownie Chunk is amazing and they have a whole selection of baked goods to boot! My kids are partial to their milkshakes, which are super thick and creamy. Pro Tip- the Waffle cones are always worth it.


Photo Credit: Milkcraft

Milkcraft- West Hartford, Fairfield, New Haven:

Milkcraft has quickly become well known for its funky flavors and cool treats- including the famous Bubblecone! Their specialty cones include S’Mores Campfire (with a roasted marshmallow), PB&J Roasted Banana, and Creeme Bun (which is an ice cream stuffed glazed donut- YUM!)

Dr Mike Bethel

Photo Credit: Dr. Mike’s Ice Cream

Dr. Mike’s Ice Cream, Bethel:

47 years of tradition and still epically awesome ice cream. Everyone raves about their Chocolate Lace flavor- and with good reason! People flock from all over as a seasonal tradition, and its been called the “Rolls Royce” of ice cream.

As always, a lot of time and energy go into writing these lists. However, I’m a human person and make a lot of mistakes. Definitely double check all info before you go!

Have a favorite ice cream place you’d like to see on this list? Let me know so I can test it out. You know…for the list🤪


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