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Never Stop Dreaming is a mantra of The Dream Support Network, the organization of Dream Chaser #1 Abdul-Rahmaan I. Muhammad. So he set out to hear people’s dreams and reinforce their importance by publicizing this message and his own dream for others — “an icecream for a dream!” 20,000 icecreams is his goal for 2014. first had an icecream at First Night Hartford on New Year’s Eve then brought icecream to the annual Big Y Kids Fair in early February.  Read what we heard which we hope will inspire others to chase their dream:

  • “To give 100 toys away to needy kids
  • To see my generation of grandchildren get married some day have wonderful lives
  • Open a casino so I can later build a homeless shelter
  • My son to be happy & healthy
  • Start a coffee shop for moms
  • Cure for cancer and other life threatening diseases
  • A home where all my family live tother since we are all separated (30 people)
  • Start a school
  • My son grow out of his food allergies
  • That my child finds plenty of love & happiness!
  • To be the best snowboarder
  • Equality in education
  • Music producer, singer, family  band
  • I will be a real estate agency, own my own firm and make it international
  • To get good grades in fifth grade
  • For  my daughter to live a content and happy life
  • To meet Santa
  • To own my own business
  • I want to be the conductor of the Polar Express
  • My son grows up to be kind with a good heart”

Where will you find Ice Cream for a Dream next?  At the Bushnell’s annual Family Fun Day on March 29.

Never Stop Dreaming


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