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Ice Cream for a Dream is a powerful community initiative in which we give anyone who is willing to share his or her dream free ice cream. Dreams for kids are important

This sweet motivational tool was created to spark individuals and communities to dream more, dream bigger and actually go out and chase their dream.   Ice Cream for a Dream is an excellent way to reboot or re-energize your organization, school or program.  More importantly, Ice Cream for a Dream is an opportunity to start a deeper conversation about how having dreams and pursuing dreams leads to a more satisfying life.

Consider bringing Dream Chaser #1 and Ice Cream for a Dream to your next pep rally, staff outing, event or morale boosting activity!  Check out the videos below from previous Ice Cream for a Dream presentations below and on our video page.  Contact us today to Book Dream Chaser #1 and Ice Cream for a Dream at your next event.

The Dream Support Network is a Connecticut-based organization founded by Abdul-Rahmaan I. Muhammad aka Dream Chaser #1 who lives by the motto, “Never Stop Dreaming.”  The Dream Support Network was developed in 2011 to take dream chasing to the next level by helping other individuals to catch their dreams and support them in the process of making their dreams reality.  The Dream Support Network, holds Dream Support Network Meetings and events, The Dream Chasers Workshop, Ice Cream for a Dream, The Dream Support Network Scholarship and a variety of other positive dream affirming activities to encourage individuals to not only chase but catch their dreams.

Dreams for KidsNever stop dreaming! Ice Cream for a Dream makes sharing your dream sweet.

Meet us this weekend at the Big Y Kids Fair — share your dream with us for an ice cream and we will help you achieve it!

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