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Giveaway: ReMothering Together

I’ll preface this by saying- I love being a Mom. I love my kids. We have amazing times together.

But one thing I didn’t expect was how isolating the experience can be- and how I’d often neglect myself in the process. Sleepless nights, endless worrying, and the constant feeling of always being needed really takes its toll.

There are times where this Mom feels like she could use a Mom too.

That’s where ReMothering comes in!

About Remothering Together:

Along the motherhood journey can come deep self reflection and a process of ReMothering. This act of gently and compassionately nurturing oneself through attuning to and tending to one’s own needs is meant to be done in community. Motherhood is not meant to be faced alone.

ReMothering Together will be a day with experienced practitioners and teachers who embody healing and support mamas on their journeys.

There will be opportunities to participate in different breakout sessions throughout the day, along with sitting in community, connecting with other moms and experiencing a breathwork / sound healing journey.

Tentative breakout sessions include (subject to change):
– Prenatal Nutrition in relation to Postpartum Depression
– Cultivating a Calm Postpartum
– Postpartum Support Circle

Lunch will be served.

Want to go?

We’re giving away a spot. It’s easy to enter- head over to this page: and click “Interested”

(Not on Facebook? It’s ok! Just send an email to [email protected] and let me know!)

Then, complete the form below:

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