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Free Lunch Comics SeptemberFree Lunch Comics September by Matt Ryan

Every week, I host (what I believe) one of the coolest events around. Each Monday Night at 5pm, all the freelance and deadline related work stops and I move over to the meeting area of CES Design Studios in Granby. Once there, I lay out paper, pencils, colored pencils and (a few) erasers. It’s not long before I am joined by a group of cool young people (ages 7-13) who are excited to start a creative mission. The Monday Night Jam for Kids is coming up on it’s 2nd anniversary and it continues to be  Every week it’s different. Every week it’s fun. After the Kids Jam is complete, my small human friends leave…and a new crowd of people come in.

The Monday Night Jammers are a talented, creative, goal focused group of adults that attend. For the next two and a half hours (it never seems that long), they immerse themselves into their own creative projects. It is inspiring to see such a driven group. Since 2009, the studio at this time is always buzzing with creativity, conversation and laughter. At 8pm, it’s time for the Monday Night News, There I cover all the events that a creative person would want to know about. Finally, we conclude with a spirited round table discussion selected by the people in attendance or…if there happens to be a recent Jammer birthday, we finish with a silly game that we all play together.

I love the Jams. I really appreciate people that pursue their goals. It takes a lot to leave the house or go somewhere else on a Monday night. These people inspire me as much as I try to inspire them.

Come to the Free Lunch Dept of The CES Design Studios in Granby CT for a BRAND NEW drawing event! …THE WEDNESDAY NITE COMIC/MANGA CLUB! An EIGHT week comic workshop classes will teach the skills of concept creation, writing, layout and page art! Completed stories to be collected and published in a unique anthology! Meets every Wednesday from 6 – 7pm starting Sept 23rd and is only $120. Completed stories anthology will be perfect gifts at holiday time! Option to purchase multiple copies will be available!  All ages! Contact Matt at [email protected] or 860.305.6621
Space is limited so call soon!

This week Free Lunch will be seen at:
– Drawing and Painting for Teens at CES Design Studios every Friday in Granby
– The East Hampton Public Library with Comic Construction and a Manga Character Design workshop
– Camp Anime at the Woodstock Valley YMCA running The Art Fight
– Septemberfest in Simsbury CT drawing caricatures on Sunday
– Jams every Monday at CES Design Studios in Granby!!! Kids at 5pm, Adults at 6pm

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