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It’s the start of the growing season and we rejoice in the outdoors again!  The scents of earth dirt and water (rain), the sounds of birds and other critters are here…available to us to create our own nature.  With only a little effort and dedication you can become a farmer, too!  Growing flowers and veggies for your enjoyment.

Not to worry if you didn’t garden yourself or generous friends or neighbors…Shop Local at Farmers Markets in CT! To lead you in the right direction CT NOFA has a good listing by county or The CT Farm Fresh is a non-profit cooperative association of Connecticut farmers.  Their website has a good map of farm markets throughout the state but we really like the “crop availability” graph because it’s colorful and ideal to use with kids.  There is a long list by town on, and one more resource is our own state Department of Agriculture which provides a list of certified farm markets, also organized by county.

A NEW IDEA for attending a Farmers Market in CT:  become a Farmers Market Volunteer! Our Event Calendar lists places you can work at — learn how your local food system functions and meet local farmers and vendors tasting their fresh, natural harvests.

Finally visit which honors local agriculture and will feature trails and events.  “Pledge to Go 10% Local” calls us to be committed to devote only a small amount our spending really to CT grown food. Help them build a comprehensive, valuable online tool for families by suggesting a listing of a farm or event!

Let’s exchange information about your farm experiences – comment on this post to share!

Farmers Markets in CT

You’re not alone on this — the State offers resources…start with this quick article “Planning Your Garden” and there are events statewide with workshops posted online by CT Community Gardens Association. If your interest is organic read “Planning & Designing Your Organic Vegetable Garden” by Homefront Gardeners based in Ridgefield.  Their blog “Child’s Play” is a must read to inspire gardening with children!


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