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 The Gamers Box

Where can you find hot kids party places?

Bring video game nirvana to you – rent a mobile arcade for your next birthday!  The Gamers Box is the ultimate video game party trailer … serving all of CT!

Inside the trailer are 8 system linked Xbox 360’s. It also includes a Playstation 3, Playstation  2, and original Xbox systems. Plus over 100 games to choose from.

Every player gets a high-definition LCD display and Ultimate  Game Seat. The seats feature 12 built-in vibration motors synchronized to the  on-screen action, built-in 3D stereo speakers, lighting effects and a massage  setting!

Plus everything is system linked – which means everyone can play together in the same game!  Play as teams or enjoy co-op and free-for all matches. Enjoy racing, sports games, puzzles or shooters.

The trailer is climate controlled and provides its own  power.  You just provide the parking space.  The Gamers Box is available for all kinds of parties for kids, families, yes – adults, too!  Even as a private, high-definition eight-seat movie theater.


$25 OFF YOUR  NEXT PARTY! (expires 3/1/13)

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