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YOU can help others!  Listen to what an amazing “smiley” freshman (yes) did on her own…Alexandra Minutillo, founded Kids Helping Kids with a Smile, Inc. to make a difference to kids her age.  The mission is “raise community awareness of the often invisible preteen and teen population living with life threatening diseases and to help provide specific, age appropriate items to make their hospital stays more pleasant.”  In addition, they will recognize and applaud those patients that make positive strides during their hospital stays while battling their respective health challenges.

Help them reach their goal of donating Age Appropriate items to every preteen and teen patient of Smilow Cancer Center at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital.  Smiles for Smilow strives to bring a smile to each patient while they battle their respective diseases.Kids Helping Kids Smile

Kids Helping Kids with a Smile is “all about kids in our community coming together to help their fellow peers who are battling life threatening diseases.”  This is an example of a grass roots effort that can started by one person and others who share the same values. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through monetary/gift donations or donations of time! Email and join their Facebook community.

We had the privilege of meeting teens from Alexandra’s organization and the Club at Daniel Hand High School in Madison recently at the Connecticut Kids Fair, and we plan to support their mission right away!  These teens are going to be local heroes 🙂

So be INSPIRED to do something yourself to help other kids your age — read more Give to Others posts.  Think about our Design Challenge – we’ll bring your T-shirt to these Smilow patients and make them smile!

Connect back with us on Instagram #teentivity or email contact@ because we’ll assist any way we can to get the resources you may need, ex. large outdoor screen for movie night fundraiser from FilmForce entertainment services (just sayn’).

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