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Ever rip it up on your mountain bike on a trail? Go over 40 miles per hour on a road bike? Ever want to try? Want to meet others who like to tear it up, too? Check it all out at the CT Cycling Advancement Program (or CCAP for short) where you can find youth cycling clubs in CT.Youth Cycling Clubs in CT

Maybe you’re more of a laid back rider, or never rode a bike before… Are you an active athlete in some other sport looking to cross train and shake things up? Are you totally new to sports but looking for something different to do? Maybe cycling is for you!

The Regional CCAP Summer Teams are open to all, no matter your fitness level or previous bicycle experience. Each team offers group rides multiple times per week, and helps with transportation to local events.

No commitment – come meet us and learn all you need to know at our Kick-Off event Wednesday, 2/11 in Middletown (CCAP office 353 Main St), after school / before homework anytime @ 6-8 p.m.!  Parent Flyer here.

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