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Here is something for you mom – or dad! Here at Kidtivity we believe in taking time for yourself. Sure we like to cart the kids around from home-to-school, and then place-to-place. Yes, there’s even Family Yoga but let’s keep ourselves in mind first sometimes too! Personal space and leisure is important, but group activity and exercise can be just as rewarding as a night out at a Kidtivity-sponsored event, promotion, or place!

A great activity in local communities in CT is yoga and most towns in the state now have a yoga studio. If one is not in your town, chances are one’s right next door! Yoga is an enriching and refreshing experience for all so turn to us for Yoga Choices in CT:

Yoga comes in all shapes and sizes. Classes range from slow rhythmic breathing for relaxation and enjoyment in postures, to beginners classes where a yogi (student of yoga) can learn poses at a reasonable pace. And lastly, but sometimes there is more, fast upbeat classes, sometimes called Power Yoga for fierce movement, up-beat, and fast-paced aerobic activity.

Looking for a good sweat? Yoga classes can be heated (without being categorized Bikram) or be at room temperature with no fancy classification; just Yoga or Beginners Yoga. Sometimes Yoga teachers encYoga Choices in CTourage props to extend the life of a posture, or to make modifications for students of all ages to enjoy (like chairs, bolsters or blocks).

After exploring Yoga Choices in CT you may even find a yoga shop that specializes in kid’s classes and decide to take the family, too, for Family Yoga! That’s where we will leave you!

Enjoy. Happy Weekend!

~ David Seymour, Contributor

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