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My daughter has been begging me for a SnapChat account for months. She knows my concerns about letting her have it and she’s been quietly, patiently waiting for me to change my mind. Last weekend, she couldn’t wait any longer. So she gave me her most compelling pitch (complete with a poster presentation) over breakfast.
And guess what – it worked! Why? Well… first of all, she did her homework. She researched SnapChat and prepared logical rebuttals for all of my objections. But more importantly, it worked because she was able to get me to see her perspective.

I had made up my mind about SnapChat. Why on earth would anyone want to use a tool that automatically deletes the messages – unless, of course, they have something to hide? That was my line of reasoning. And I was not really interested in listening to her explanation.
But she taught me – in her 10 minute presentation – that there is something beneficial about sending photos that are immediately deleted. She said it gave her a chance to just be real. It gave her an opportunity to have fun and communicate with her friends without worrying about filters and editing and wondering who else was going to see her photo and judge her. She said that this was the one place where she didn’t have the pressure to be perfect.
Hmmmmm… I never looked at it that way. She won my approval (with a few restrictions). But beyond that, she taught me something valuable. She taught me that there is always another perspective to every situation. And if you truly want to make a sale (to sell your product, your service or your idea!), then you have to be willing to see the other person’s perspective. 

Have you been looking at things from someone else’s point of view? Try it sometime. It actually works!
Love and Light,
Theresa Ceniccola
P.S. I’m not endorsing SnapChat for teens. Just so we’re clear 🙂 But I am endorsing listening – REALLY listening – to your teen!
I discovered Theresa researching resources for myself professionally – she is a Writer, Digital Marketing Consultant and Mentor to Mompreneurs making home base the Norfolk, Virginia area. Check out her site, blog, and sign up for her Free Tool Kit!

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