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Make RAK Week Every Week!

Today marks the end of Random Acts of Kindness, “RAK” Week, sponsored by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Those who participated in RAK Week, were motivated to go above and beyond to perform kind acts in their greater communities.

Michaels stores encouraged participation in RAK Week by their own “Craft it Forward” week, in which the craft store motivated the sharing of creative talents. The campaign involved sharing your work of art on social media, once complete. It was really quiet simple, once the craft was finished- that is! The idea behind this week of crafting was to bring out every individuals inner creativity, in a fun and thoughtful manner!

GIVE TO OTHERS: Random Acts of Kindness WeekMichaels successfully demonstrated to the greater community a specific way to participate in RAK Week, by crafting their own random gift to pay forward. The social media twist allowed for the gift to “keep on giving”, as visually seeing others creative talents, sparked creative thoughts that motivated viewers to follow suit, and craft it forward themselves.

Visit Michaels social media for inspiration: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram

Although RAK Week is over, the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation encourages people to practice kindness every day. Let Michael’s idea inspire you and your family to get creative, there is no limit to kindness! Share with us below how you crafted it forward!

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