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Give to Others

If you didn’t visit us at the Big Y Fair this past weekend, our booth was dedicated to crafting valentine’s for the greater community. Families with children of all ages took time to create their own valentines to be donated to children who are not likely to have a valentine this season. 

Children decorated their cards with stickers, stamps, hand drawn pictures and signed their cards with their name and age. This thoughtful act will brighten at least 100 children’s holiday, and is a great way to show kindness to those in need!  The cards will be donated to a shelter in Connecticut, for recipients to open on February 14th.

Valentine’s day can be empowering for everyone. It reminds us of the importance of accepting love in the greater community and passing it along to promote a communal understanding of love’s power. You can have more than one valentine, so we encourage you to! Make your own valentine’s with your family to be donated to a cause of your choice – feel free to comment telling us where you sent yours!

Let the love of this holiday progress throughout the final stretch of this winter season by supporting your local shelter. Cold weather leaves many in need of transitional living quarters. Find your local shelter’s “wish list” for an idea of how your family can help provide this comfort.

Partner with United Way ( to find ways to volunteer as a family. Not sure where to donate or lend a hand? Visit 2-1-1, Connecticut’s Community Resources Database for ideas!

We are interested in how you and your children are giving back, please feel free to share your kind acts and encourage others to pay it forward!


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