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Christmas is fast approaching, Hanukkah is next week and the last thing you need to do is procrastinate then have to rush on all your gift ideas. The best way to show someone you care is to DIY a homemade Christmas gift you know your family will love. This list is full of great homemade gift ideas just for you, courtesy of Tanner & Courtney’s A Little Craft in Your Day!

1. Gift Ideas For Teen Boys
2. 33 Teen Gift Ideas
3. Fun Cross Stitch Canvas Idea
4. Easy Gift Ideas With The Cricut!
5. Gift Ideas For Teen Girls
6. Simple Sharpie Dot Mug Gift Idea!
7. Christmas Craft Ideas
8. 27 Cricut Holiday Projects
10. Funny Christmas Shirts

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And 10 Christmas Crafts Anyone Can Do that won’t overwhelm anyone no matter the age – enjoy the diversity and simplicity of these projects! 

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