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This week is NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK! This year, the theme is “There’s More to the Story.” This is because we all know that libraries are full of stories. But did you know that Connecticut Libraries offer so much more? We’ve compiled a list of just a few of the many, many things that you can find across Connecticut libraries.


Ok, so the real name for this is “Library of Things,” but I went ahead and renamed it to ALL OF THE THINGS because that is what it is. They have SO MANY different things that you can bring home. 

Planning a party? Check out a cake pan at Rockville Library in Vernon, a pizza oven from Scranton Library in Madison, set up some lawn games from Wallingford Public Library, and grab an outdoor movie projector from Marlborough’s Richmond Library.  

Going to the beach? Stop at the library and grab some sand toys! Trying out a new hobby? Check out the craft materials and take it on a test drive first. Need to do some DIY home projects? Libraries have power tools!  It is crazy how many things the library has available.

Family Fun Events

Just this last year, we have been to Chinese New Year at Greenwich’s CosCob Library, attended Paint Night at Portland Library, gone to a musical event at the Avon Free Public Library, and celebrated Halloween with a big party at the East Hampton Public Library

You could get a whole year’s worth of events for free simply by visiting your local library. We’ve been working on compiling a list of events on our Events Calendar. They are also publicly listed on each library website.

And- just a reminder- you are allowed to go to just about ANY town’s programs.   

Museum Passes

Did you know that your local library might be able to get you into a museum FOR FREE or reduced admission? Thanks to our local library, we have gone to the Carousel Museum, The Basketball Hall of Fame, the Connecticut Science Center, the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art- to name just a few! 

Check your library’s website for more information on reserving passes. 

E and Audio Books

This is one of my favorite services, largely because I never know what I want to read until it’s late at night or I’m bored in a waiting room somewhere. Fortunately, ebooks and audio books are available 24/7 through apps like Libby and Hoopla

It is the most satisfying thing in the whole world to be able to “impulse buy” a book at 3 AM without spending money (is this just me?). 

Regular Books:

I am obsessed with coming up with holiday specific events and activities. This means I often have a book that I desperately decide we need. Anytime I call my library to ask if they have a book, they magically find a way to get it, even if it’s not in the collection. I ask them, they make a few calls, and then a few weeks later, the book is there. 

How does this work? I suspect book fairies. 

Looking for something specific? Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask your local librarian. Not only do they have lots of resources in their own collection, but they also have extensive knowledge of community resources, including what is available in other libraries. 

Does your local library do something amazing? We want to know! Leave us a comment below or email

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