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Hear ye, Hear ye, Sirs, Madams, Lords, Ladies, Knights, Kings, Queens and everyone in between:

We seek those of great courage and noble blood to embark in a most valiant quest. Dost thou have the fortitude, the conviction, and the stomach for such a grand and perilous journey? 

Photo Credit: CT Faire

Photo Credit: CT Faire

Photo Credit: CT Faire

(Just kidding. But it was fun to write.)

Anyway- the Connecticut Renaissance Faire comes to town Labor Day weekend and we are PUMPED! So excited, in fact, that we went ahead and created a whole Riddle Challenge to give away some FREE TICKETS (thanks to the Ren Faire for helping sponsor this one).

So, without further ado, here comes the 2023 Connecticut Renaissance Faire Riddle Challenge. The rules are simple:

  1. Each Friday, we’ll post a different riddle or challenge.
  2. Depending on the week, you might answer on a form linked here, on our Facebook Page, or on our Instagram (don’t worry, we’ll always tell you which one it is!)
  3. We’ll hold a drawing for a Family 4 Pack of Faire Tickets on the following Monday.
  4. We’ll keep doing this until the end of the Faire!

Each week, a different set of instructions will be posted below. Follow them, and good luck on the quest!

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