Everyone loves summer and this is the start! The first days of summer also include the Summer Solstice on Sunday, June 20 at 11:32 p.m. in Hartford, Connecticut which is the longest day of the year for us in the Northern Hemisphere at 5.43 PM EDT- read what The Almanac has to say!  Watch it together live stream from Lowell Observatory.

How will you celebrate? Here are 10 Summer Solstice Extra Daylight Play Ideas:

  1. Light a bonfire: The solstice day was traditionally celebrated by dancing around the bonfires.
  2. Go fishin’: We love to get out on the water. Consult our free Best Days for Fishing chart—plus, tackle-box and bait tips.
  3. Cultivate your garden. Traditionally, to the farmer, the solstice is the midpoint of the growing season. See our wonderful lotions for calloused working hands.
  4. Have a picnic or big cook-out on the solstice. See our great grilling recipes!
  5. Camp in the great outdoors. Don’t forget the best natural insect repellent on Earth.
  6. Listen to songbirds: We love our feathered friends. Attract birds to your garden with our beautiful bird feeders.
  7. Get pampered. Midsummer Day, near the solstice, was said to make old people look younger; walking barefoot in the dew kept skin from getting chapped.
  8. Let the light in! With all this extra daylight, hang one of our gorgeous suncatchers for your window or porch.
  9. Temperatures rise and lazy days ensue. Relax and read a book! See our great books and guides.
  10. Go star gazing. To find out what’s shining in the night sky, click for free monthly Sky Map.

First kids want some down time before they are off to organized summer camp programs (find those with us, too!) so step back for a couple or a few days – embrace being “lazy and the time to regroup now that School’s Out in CT. Start the Governors Summer Reading Challenge program with your child either exploring the same book or those for adults. We’ll be checking in with you periodically to share stories 🙂

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