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Visual Schedules for Kids

SchKIDules are personalized visual schedule systems designed to communicate a routine, sequence, activity or transition to a child. Parents rave about the difference having a SchKIDule makes in their households.

Almost 6 years ago, out of sheer necessity, I had an idea that has since changed my life.  My daughter (Rachel) was quite the little type A individual who had a really tough time transitioning and whose will power was incredibly strong.  She wanted to know what we were doing and when we were doing it.  And as all moms know, it’s really hard to explain “when” to toddlers.  So I had my “flash of genius” and decided to build what I called an “activity clock.”  I found pictures of all our activities and focused not so much on the time anything was happening but the sequence.  I put it up on the wall after making it and it was like all the stars aligned and Rachel’s world made sense.  The pictures spoke for themselves that activities had a beginning and an end to each activity.  This sounds like common sense to us adults but kids live in the moment….

Read more about SchKIDules invented by Kelly Robinson!

Visual Schedules are great for all children, children who are hard to transition, children who do better when they are “informed,” children with ADHD, children on the Autism spectrum, daycares, organized mommies, mommies trying to teach routines and have their children accomplish them independently, mommies who like daddy to be on board with the plan/routine while she is gone, perverbal children…and the list goes on.  “It has so many applications, it even surprised me,” says Kelly!

Many different visual schedule designs to help you achieve your specific goals with your child.  If a package doesn’t fit your needs, all products can be purchased “a la carte” with Magnet Shop that lets you build just about any magnet or magnet collection you can think of.

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