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Kids Bowl Free in CT 2015School is out and the Kids Bowl Free 2016 CT program is now open at participating centers!

Bowling in Connecticut


East Hartford


N. Windham

Register online  – you have to create a new account each year so this video may help:

Bowling is a fun family or kids alone activity but it’s also great exercise in an air-conditioned environment. There are solid health benefits: weight loss, muscle toning and strengthening, and overall all exercise reduces risk of disease.  PLUS it has social benefits while it relieves stress. Bowling is enjoyed by everyone from preschoolers to senior citizens and is currently the fastest growing high school varsity sport. There’s a low risk of injury, which makes it a popular game for older individuals. Many bowling alleys can accommodate those in wheelchairs and bowlers who are blind. The simplicity of this game is making it a favorite sport of people all over the world.

Now’s the time to add a Family Pass.  You can save 15% with this coupon code if you are one of the 1st 10 at your participating center to add the Family Pass which allows adults in your family to join in the fun.  It’s great for parents, grandparents, older siblings or even babysitters who may care for your kids while you’re working. Use promo/coupon code SchoolsOut15 – it will expire in 72 hours.

PS…Tell 2 friends about Kids Bowl Free today and be entered to win some great prizes.  Get all of the details at

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