How to Avoid Summer Slide prevention tips offered by Ivy Bound
The best advice against students “backsliding” in their learning is to  combine learning with fun.  Some parents are very creative with this.  Others are not.  Some are creative but lack the time to carry it out.
If any outside caregiver is affordable, select one with a high education and demand a learning aspect each day.
The biggest advice for getting a student to do a learning activity in the summer is to start it IMMEDIATELY after school ends.  “Do not give the child the immediate luxury of sleeping late on a weekday”. “Wait til August if late mornings are truly a needed reward”.   A student currently in school for 7 hours a day (more when in high school) can look at a drop to 3 to 6 hours a day in late June as a reward.   That helps students even with “eat-your-spinach” activities like “Grammar Group” and “Math-E-Tarium” (Practical Math).
Giving the “no learning, lazy-for-now time means the back-to-business time becomes PUNISHMENT.  It’s one thing when school is the September punishment, but it’s another when in August that parent looks like the mild oppressor.   Free the children a few hours at a time.  They might even like their early summer activities enough to want MORE.


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