How to Avoid Summer Slide prevention tips offered by Ivy Bound
The best advice against students “backsliding” in their learning is to  combine learning with fun.  Some parents are very creative with this.  Others are not.  Some are creative but lack the time to carry it out.
If any outside caregiver is affordable, select one with a high education and demand a learning aspect each day.  If parents want an outside GROUP activity each day, consider groups like Kids Corner.  They offer “Learning and Fun — All in One” throughout the Farmington Valley and beyond.  Kids Corner instructors come to the home or meet in parks or indoor recreation centers.    Parent get small groups together – 4 to 8 children who’d like to do the same activity.
“We see almost no bias any more towards “girly” activities versus “boy” activities, says Mandy Kelsey, one of Kids Corner’s co-directors.  Girls have eagerly joined for scientific activities like robotics, rocketry and Minecraft; boys have been some of the best participants in Jewelry-making and Gymnastics.
The biggest advice for getting a student to do a learning activity in the summer is to start it IMMEDIATELY after school ends.  “Do not give the child the immediate luxury of sleeping late on a weekday,” says Kelsey. “Wait til August if late mornings are truly a needed reward”.   A student currently in school for 7 hours a day (more when in high school) can look at a drop to 3 to 6 hours a day in late June as a reward.   That helps students even with “eat-your-spinach” activities like “Grammar Group” and “Math-E-Tarium” (Practical Math).
Giving the “no learning, lazy-for-now time means the back-to-business time becomes PUNISHMENT.  It’s one thing when school is the September punishment, but it’s another when in August that parent looks like the mild oppressor.   Free the children a few hours at a time.  They might even like their early summer activities enough to want MORE.
Kids Corner provides safe, supervised fun to Parent groups, Schools and Rec Departments throughout Connecticut.  Parents who’d like to set up a July or August activity at their home, for 4 – 8 children, can name a desired week and an activity.  Prices range from $150 – $450 for  five full mornings or afternoons.  Contact Kids Corner at 860-899-9110 (Farmington Valley) or 860-899-7733 (West Hartford, Newington, Berlin).

Kids Corner Activities include:

  •  Tumbling Tots
  •  Fun Science
  •  Goop, Gak & Slime!
  •  Sports of All Sorts
  •  Arts & Crafts
  •  Outdoor Explorations
Outdoor Explorations with Kids Corner!
The best Outdoor activity Kids Corner offers for children this summer may be “Outdoor Explorations”.  Our Kids Corner leaders take children safely onto trails, into woods, and onto beaches to view, photograph and learn about nature.  We recap what we learned each day and speak about how these natural phenomena help or hinder humans.  This summer we meet at Walcott Park, Spicebush “Swamp”, and Eisenhower Park in West Hartford, West Woods in Farmington, and Stanley Quarter Park in New Britain.
One of the best aspects of “Outdoor Explorations” is that it’s apt for many ages.  Literally 5 year olds through 12 year olds can take advantage in the same group, while seeing different things.  Moms looking for a single activity for multiple children will find this a nice relief for them and a great learning activity for the children.
Kids Corner is based in Newington and is reached at or online.
A complete listing of Kids Corner’s summer activities is at


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