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Harold and the Purple Crayon Promo

My children have always been slightly obsessed with the book Harold and the Purple Crayon. We have read it probably 100 times. Part of this is my fault: I got the book as a baby shower gift and read it to my daughter over and over again during those long newborn nights. I used to fantasize about drawing myself a magical baby-soother so I could finally get some sleep…


Anyway, when we heard Harold and the Purple Crayon was coming to Jorgensen, we got REALLY excited. So excited that we made up our own fun learning activities to go along with them. Once a teacher-mom, always a teacher-mom, right?


Harold and the Purple Crayon Story GameFamily Story Game: 

This one was a hit during dinner with our whole family, including the grandparents. The idea is that one player takes a card, draws the card on a white board or piece of paper, and writes a few sentences to go along with the story. Then another family member goes. As you progress, the story gets longer and sillier. Ours somehow always ends with dinosaurs in a hot air balloon heading to the moon. 

Check out this video tutorial on how to play and get the printable here



Harold and the Purple Crayon Story Dice

Story Cube for Kids:

Fantastic for older kids as an independent game or younger kids with an adult or in pairs. Cut out the cube and tape it, then use it to form your own story. Where will your character end up? 


Check out this video tutorial on how to play and get the printable here.



Harold and the Purple Crayon Coloring MixingColor Mixing Sensory Bags:

This entertained our baby for almost an HOUR, which is an eternity in one year old time. It was so easy to put together too- all we had to do was put a dot of red paint and a dot of blue paint in a plastic bag. I taped the plastic bag to her highchair and she had a blast mixing the colors together (and taking the tape off).





Harold and the Purple Crayon Bath NightHarold and the Purple Crayon Themed Bath:

So I’ll be honest. I debated not sharing this picture. It’s super messy. But we had fun, and it’s a real look at how our activity went, so here you go. 

Themed baths are all the rage in our house this winter. I used washable bath paint and beeswax crayons to have the kids draw their “stories” on the side of the tub. Did it turn out looking like an insanely messy bunch of scribbles that I debated not sharing? Yes. Did we come up with a hilarious story featuring Harold, a Rawrsome Dinosaur in a hot air balloon that had to dodge attack handprints? Also yes. Was it the most fun we’ve had during bath time in a long time? Absolutely.


Theater Guide for Harold and the Purple Crayon: 

Are you looking for a more comprehensive guide before you see the show? This is a great resource for teachers and homeschool families. Published by Enchantment Theater Company, it guides kids through everything from visiting the theater, to the artwork involved, to jobs in the theater. 

And don’t forget to see Harold and the Purple Crayon at Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts on Sunday, March 19 at 2:00 PM.

Get your tickets here

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