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As the weather gets cooler, grab some popcorn, dim the lights and get the family together for a movie night. Here are some Halloween Movies to Watch with Kids on Netflix Now!:

Casper (1995):

Rated: PG

There is no going wrong with this classic staple. Haunted mansion and a friendly ghost? Yes please! Suitable for young children and who doesn’t like a friendly ghost!



Annabelle Hooper & the Ghosts of Nantucket (2016)
Rated: PG

Set in the New England area in the scenic island of Nantucket, this is a story of a teenage mystery writer who finds a spooky adventure awaiting for her while vacationing with her family. The movie gives Nancy Drew vibes making it all the more fun for parents who enjoyed reading the mystery novels as kid themselves!


Goosebumps 2 (2018):
Rated: PG
A movie about teens who try to have some harmless fun but unwittingly unleash monsters out of magical books. A perfect fall movie recipe for the family!




Spookley the square pumpkin (2004):
Rated: G

Though not spooky, it features the fall staple, pumpkins! It’s a story of how a pumpkin, often taunted for his different shape, gain  acceptance and comes to believe in himself when he uses his wits to save the day! Parents will appreciate it for the valuable lesson on inclusion and kids will like it for the feel good movie it is.



Dear Dracula (2012)
An adorable story of a boy who writes to Dracula instead of Santa as Christmas is far away but Halloween is around the corner! And he is a fan of the Count! The movie progresses with showing the “human” side of Dracula as has gotton a little rusty over time and how the kid helps him become his old scary self again!



All Hallows eve (2016):

Rated: G

A teenage girl gets the family legacy of magic on her 18th Birthday. And when she uses it to communicate with her deceased mother, she awakens a vengeful spirit instead. And now amidst all the confusion and Halloween party gone wrong, it is up to Eve to set things right and believe in herself.



Little monsters (1989)
Rated: PG

When a sixth grader moves to a new town, there is a secret waiting for him in his new house…..a monster under his bed! But they soon become friends and have a lot of fun making mischief!


Have a Netflix and “chilling” time everyone!!

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