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Girls Hackathon 2016 at Connecticut Science CenterGirls Only Hackathon 2016 at Connecticut Science Center is back for the second year hosted again by the strong STEM initiative, Women in Science.

Thanks to sponsors The Petit Family Foundation and TEENtivity this exciting and unique day long program can offer all girls the opportunity to code apps in a friendly competition called #DaVinciCoder on Saturday, May 21.

The Girls Only Hackathon 2016 event follows a month-long series of coding workshops held on Saturdays for four weeks at the Science Center.  Based on the latest exhibit Leonardo da Vinci Machines in Motion, coders are ask “if he were alive today what kind of apps would he create?” If you missed it, mark your calendar for next April 2017!

Read more details about #DaVinciCoder and plan to attend, even if it’s just to cheer on girls to rock out technology and science!

Next, check back often to find more Women in Science opportunities for your girl, daughter, yourself.

The Connecticut Science Center’s Women in Science initiative encourages girls and young women to pursue studies and career paths in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and celebrates the achievements of women in the sciences.

The initiative seeks to bridge the gender gap in STEM by developing original programming to engage girls in science and to build the community of women in the sciences.

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