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Free Lunch Comics August blog:  So my summer Comic Construction tour is over …all I can say is…

I drove from one corner of this state to another. Each day, I would do anywhere from one lecture a day all the way up to three. Three in one day! And not just once I might add! But that’s not what I want to talk about. 
I saw some of the worst driving imaginable while I was out there. I’m not going to claim that I am a perfect driver…but the one thing I won’t miss is the distracted driver. I even saw a woman driving while using her tablet device ON THE HIGHWAY! My second to last day of the tour, there was a tractor trailer truck weaving in and out of lanes on 91. Pretty much ran me off the road. Be careful out there. 
I know it’s pretty tempting to check your phone for texts or calls. If you need to check that bad, get a coffee and check it. Maybe even have your buddy check it. Pull over and check it. It’s not worth it while you’re behind the wheel of a torpedo. Yes a torpedo. Think about it. 
So my summer Comic Construction tour is over…all I can say is…be safe.  I want to hang out with you sometime so we can draw.

It’ll be a quiet week due to the beginning of school. We will still be Jamming on Labor Day, so make sure you come on by! September is going to be a busy and fun month!

This week Free Lunch will be:
– Drawing and Painting For Teens 
every Friday at CES Design Studios in Granby!!! 

Kids Jams at 5pm every Monday at CES Design Studios in Granby!!! 

Adult Jam at 6:30pm every Monday at CES Design Studios in Granby!

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