American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day 2016 is celebrated by our Connecticut Forest & Park Association who coordinates the largest one in the nation. “Connecticut Trails Day 2016” invites all residents to play in our best playground – Mother Nature’s outdoors! This year choose from 223 FREE trail events for all ages and abilities in 133 towns. Check out the schedule of events for the locations and details throughout the state all weekend.  Canine dog-friendly sites also are listed.

Connecticut Trails Weekend offers something for everyone—hikes, educational walks, trail runs, bike rides, horseback rides, water trail paddles, letterboxing, trail work parties and more. This annual national celebration allow citizens to access the natural world for recreation, education, exploration, solitude, inspiration, and much more. Trails give us a means to support good physical and mental health; they provide us with a chance to breathe fresh air, get our hearts pumping, and escape from our stresses.  All it takes is a willingness to use them!

National Trails Day also aims to highlight the important work thousands of volunteers do each year to take care of America’s trails. Trails do not just magically appear for our enjoyment; their construction and maintenance takes hours of dedicated planning and labor. So give thanks to your local volunteers and consider taking a day to give back to your favorite trail.

Get the Official Connecticut Trails Day 2016 Patch — All you have to do is participate-learn more!

Connecticut Forest & Park Association is a member-based nonprofit: Connecting people to the land since 1895

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