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Introducing, a locally developed new business – a social enterprise that sells children’s books and donates books to local kids in need. BookBugs is where reading meets giving: it allows you to help others receive their first books through your purchase!

BookBugs online subscription for children’s book donates books to children in need for every 3 books purchased. This is a “benefit corporation” similar to TOMS who donates a pair of shoes for every one sold and provides other services where needed? This company is a general book seller dedicated to children’s books and education, an important company value which then in turn can support the education and learning of children with less opportunities.

This online subscription service matches your child with their reading level, interests using an algorithm incorporating the The Lexile® Framework for Reading rating plus suggests Caldecott, Newbery Medal and Geisel award winners and other award winning titles. Parents log into the SuperBugs subscription page, browse the options then complete a survey gauging children’s interests in order to custom tailor the types of books to be delivered.  Learning disabilities is a key focus and the company partners with organizations to generate excitement and renew the effort with struggling readers.

Any title published is available online through BookBugs’ distributor who will ship directly to you: paper or hard cover for the annual subscription of a flat fee of $119.95, or $10/month. There is no charge for shipping for year-long subscriptions. Or month-to-month use is $8.99/month, plus $3/month in shipping – so $11.99/month. Young adult fiction has dramatically increased and this service can keep your teen reading by sending it directly to them, automatically.

“BookBugs is definitely a worthwhile investment. The act of receiving packages in the mail, opening them with the family, and reading together generates genuine excitement about literacy development, and that a children in need also benefits from the service is an added bonus. ~ Mom of 2 and English Teacher”

Individual books are sold at cover price maximum (plus $3 shipping each order) and not often will be discounted like the large sellers Amazon and Barnes and Noble who profit greatly from us consumers.  Instead we will belong to a #giveback community that stimulates regional education systems.  Gift packages for the newest reader in a family are also offered for baby showers or birthday parties through  “Stock the Shelf Bundles.”Audi0 and ebooks will be available in the future for when you have your shelf and table full enough!

Try the first month free!  Use discount code during the purchase: GIVEBOOKS2015

Schools can purchase directly from BookBugs, too or direct their PTO leaders to explore the ways large orders can benefit their own students in need. We’ll be telling you more about this soon, leading you for spring book fairs!

For those interested in “meeting” a local Connecticut entrepreneur read what the founder has to say!

Spreading the joy of reading to everyone! ~ ~

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